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Why your data belong on our platform

Your most valuable assets are the content you create and the data you collect. Whether you want to store, protect, or share that information, you need a powerful, secure, resilient, always-available place to store your data..

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Just log in and create your container within minutes. Managing and configuring files is incredibly easy with our clean and simple, fully responsive control panel.

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Add or remove capacity from your cloud storage environment on demand. Move your data between locations for free across our private network, and distribute it to your users straight from your storage infrastructure or from our worldwide content delivery network.

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Uses fast, durable Solid State Drives for your files. We’ve also built in the Amazone S3 with Cloudfront, which serves your creative assets from across the globe for even faster load times.

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Managed Software

No need to worry about malware scans, or daily backups — our handles all that for you..

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